Master Key Experience… week 14


The following is just an incident that happened to me during the Xmas holidays. We visited some good friends in Las Vegas. The husband has Parkinson and is a handful. After we arrived his wife was in excruciating pain. We did everything to make her feel better but without success. It was getting so bad that we had to go to the emergency room on Xmas Day. It definitely was a very interesting 6 hours. I interacted with the sick, homeless, drunks and many more individuals. There was a lot of negative vibration in the ER. but I was determined to not let it get to me. I had lots of time to do my “sits”and came to the conclusion that I was so fortunate to be with all those people who had so  many different issues and I was just the observer. I once again realized that everything happens for a reason.  I shifted my thoughts and start thinking about what is the lesson in this visit to the ER. Of course it was for me to see how fortunate I am in so many aspects of my life but especially my health. True health keeps popping up wherever I go and once again I was extremely grateful and it was not a waste of time to have spent 6 hours in the ER. Keep thinking good thoughts and be happy! Life is good! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here is your New Years quote: I expect to pass through this life but once. Any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to my fellow creature, let me ” DO IT NOW ‘ Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.


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