I had a wonderful time listening to Mark, Davene and Lori”s webinar yesterday. It was all about kindness. We now have to do several acts of kindness for the next 7 days what is going to be easy for me but I have decided to step it up a notch. I promise to do at least 5 acts of kindness a day or more. I get such a kick out of it because whenever I do I always get a smile or a thank you . This not only makes me feel good but I am sure the people who I am kind to must also feel better. Eventually they will  notice that not everybody is  rude or being a jerk. Just think if we all would be doing acts of kindness  on a daily basis how different the world would be.  We need to make sure that even so this is only a 7 day assignment that we continue being kind for the rest of our lives. I know I will practice  it daily.  I read in the “Alliance Section” that this weeks assignment is every bodies favorite . It is my favorite so far. Life is good! Below is your weekly quote!


I always keep my promises!

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