Master Key Experience .. week 16


This month we are reading Og Mandine’s scroll # 4 “I AM NATURES GREATEST MIRACLES” It is an amazing read. After reading it daily and contemplating over it, I have become such an astute observer about all the miracles that happen to all of us on a daily basis. I have been taking  most of these miracles for granted most of my life but NO more. Every time when I comb my hair now I am so aware that I can tell my brain to move my arm and comb my hair. What a miracle!! How amazing we are. If we can tell our brain to control our body parts and it obeys we can do anything. We expect our body parts to move on command because we believe they will move and they do so why not believe that we control our destiny if we really believe that. Ask and it is given! What a concept! I guess we become more aware of these miracles  when one is taken away from us. I have decided after reading this scroll to not take any of these miracles for granted.We need to take care of these bodies. Exercise, eat right, think right but most importantly “BELIEVE” we are capable of so much more! Life is good!

Here is your weekly quote: IF YOU MUST DOUBT, DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS– NEVER YOUR BELIEFS.  I always keep my promises!

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