Master Key Experience .. week 17


Last week I focused the whole week on finding incidents about  “courage” about myself and others. It brought back an incident that happened around 6 years ago. At that time I had become somewhat of a recluse. I didn’t get any invitations to parties or gatherings anymore because I usually declined so eventually people stopped inviting me. This was all my doing ! My choice! I became a recluse. I wasn’t unhappy but I just existed, there was no growth. Nothing exciting. My son told me I had to get out of that mindset. I remembered reading a quote by Richard Branson saying, if you like more friends,  relationships  or jobs , say ‘YES’ to everything and learn later.  This was a tough one for me but I did it.  I changed so much that I invited a couple from Johannesburg who was in my upline in Mannatech , to stay with us for several days on their way to Hawaii. I never met them before or knew what they looked like. It turned out to be a great experience and than I realized that it was a good thing that I had changed. The old blueprint was FEARFUL.  The new blueprint had COURAGE. Davene reminded me of this story yesterday. A fellow on the webinar asked about questions he had about making decisions.  Davene said you know what you really want.  Just do it! He was a BLUE and us blues have (had) difficulties making decisions. This was a great reminder for myself. Keep practicing REPETITION, repetition, repetition and more repetition so it becomes a habit. Life is good! Here is your quote for the week!





9 thoughts on “Master Key Experience .. week 17

  1. This morning I asked for a message. And when we ask we get, I got your message…Loud and Clear. I am much the same and have spent little time being social. I needed to hear your message. We Now have to much to share and be the light into the world. It’s no accident we are here. Thanks Nellie

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