Press Release

Outlook Newspaper Interviewer: JP

JP:  Good Evening Nellie. How are you?

Nellie:  FABULOUS! Thank you for fitting me in your busy schedule Lots of local news today so let’s get started.

JP: Well, let’s start with the exciting news that you have just opened up a music school in El Salvador. It sounds incredible! Why El Salvador? Can you tell me how that came about?

Nellie: I have a daughter Kimberly who is married to Roger who was born in El Salvador. He came to the United States when he was 17. He has seen so much misery in his own country that he now wants to give back because of what this country has done for him. He is giving children scholarships to his  brand new music school that was  built recently .  He is like the real Mr. Rogers . Roger always  practice “The more you give the more you receive” .

JP: Cellphone rings….  Nellie I just received a call that needs my immediate attention. Would it be OK with you to continue this conversation at a later date?

Nellie: Sure! Just call me!

JP: Thanks!

To be continued.